Train travel is a fascinating way to explore India. It showcases the country’s immensity, variety, and color, particularly over long journeys.  when I Growing up in India I traveled quite a bit on trains  and I face lots of problem Few of the reasons were, trains were mostly late, hardly anything to do at stations, waiting rooms were almost non-existent and toilets were horrible.  but still all these issues I love train travel because I have lots of memories which connected to It.

whenever we Travel on the Train we meet new people and interact with them and know their travel experience, life experience, their culture, their languages, and their stories. which became memories for the lifetime. but now train travel is not a cup of tea for everyone. because  12,617 trains that carry over 23 million passengers daily – equivalent to move the entire population of Australia – connecting more than 7,172 stations. so traveling with a huge population is a big task. In Mumbai Local you will not get It, people will push you in It, and you will never leave It. but people will push you outside of the train. this is the current situation of the Mumbai local travel.

But instead of it, The best way to see India at ground level on the incredible Indian railway system.  No Trip to India is complete without experiencing the great  Indian railway. Make your journey memorable with Indian express with the tea seller’s cry of Chai, Chai, chai, garam garam chai.

Forgetting all these things lets me focus hacks that how we can make India train travel easy and comfortable for us. lets we discuss those hacks one by one:-

Train Travel Apps:-

1. To check train availability

Trainwhenever we think about train travel one thing comes to our mind that is the train availability. so check availability you should download Indian smart train app.  and then installed it. and type Your departed station and arrival station name, date. you will get full information about it. through this app-

  • you will get trains schedules, coaches, pantry, catering, and platform information.
  • Live  Status
  • Simple and easy
  • Offline information for Train Route
  • Can search all the pages by both Train Number or Name (partial or complete)
  • Autocomplete options available for all the Indian railway stations.

Instead of these facilities, this app shows you ticket price and trains nearby stations to your destination. you need not type other station for it. its very helpful app for train travelers. who face these types of problems in daily life.

Through this app you can set upcoming location alarm, that will help to deport on right station.



2.Seat Availability And Seat Conformation:-

availability and seat confirmation we can use Indian rail yatri apps for it. Rail yatri is really the light-weight app for Indian Railway & PNR Status. This application to All Information available in all Daily Travelers get information on all the trains arriving or departing from a particular station

Best Features

• Live Station, Live  Status
• Live Status update
• Trains between Stations
• Live  Enquiry
• Seat Availability
• Canceled Trains
• Indian Rail Train PNR & Running Status, IRCTC Info
• PNR Enquiry, Tracking Live
• Rescheduled Trains
• Running Status

• LiveTime Table
• Find  Location.

Before rail tickets book by these apps, you should also check on paytm, cleartrip and Make my trip website because some they provide a heavy discount on rail tickets.



3. Order food online in the train:-

Food is the necessity for everyone. So during traveling, you can get food online by using these 3 apps. such as IRCTC, TRAVEL KHANA,  RAIL YATRI. through these 3 apps, you can order food. these apps provide you with their menu card online with price list.

What is special about these?

• their services extend over 300 cities in the country
• their serves food in over 6000 trains
• they help deliver delicious and hot food, on time.
• they deliver the local delicacies of every station like Pethas in Agra and Mathura, Kachodis and Ghevars in Jaipur, etc.
• they offer a wide array of cuisines like vegetarian, non-vegetarian, South Indian, North Indian, Mughlai, Hyderabadi, Chinese, Continental, Italian, Jain food, and beverages.
• they offer special deals for those traveling in groups like students, pilgrims, wedding parties, etc.
• Easy payment options- cash on delivery or online.

                                 MANALI: A BUDGET TRAVEL

4. PNR Status & Train Schedule – Indian Railway:-

Railway Services is a now live. You can check your current PNR status, Rail Schedule, Live Status, Train Number and Fare Enquiry. This app is developed by MadInstance Inc a leading app developer for the convenience of Travelers.

Features Included : –

  • Check PNR Status
  • Schedule /Time Table
  • Seat Availability
  • Find Train
  • Live Status
  • Fare Enquiry
  • Search Train Number
  • Customer Care Number
  • Tatkal Services
  • Contact Railway
  • Rate us
  • SMS services
  • Fare Enquiry

This app provides this information very fast and is perhaps the only exclusive app providing PNR status in India. I hope these apps will make your next train travel easy for you and your family.

I hope you get an idea what I wanted to tell you about Easy train travel, you should go for it. You can always reach me out with your doubts.

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